More Details About The Atelier Angels Program

Atelier Angels ProgramAtelier, pronounced a-tali-a means workshop or workroom. Join us and become a workshop angel – help make the Lusaka sewing cooperative a vibrant & exciting place to combat extreme poverty.

More About Our Spring-Time Thank You Gifts…

Starting April 3rd, sign-up and receive a special Spring-Time Thank You Gift. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

The We Are Sew Powerful Paperback: We’re excited to offer you a beautifully formatted 6X9 paperback copy of We Are Sew Powerful, an Amazon #1 bestseller in the Charity & Philanthropy category! Read customer reviews here.

The Purse Makers Journal: This cute journal is perfect for note taking, prayer journaling, or keeping track of your purse making efforts. Join us at the $19 level and receive it with a copy of We Are Sew Powerful.

The Clutch Collection: Get this cute clutch, which includes a cute African print Fat Quarter (straight from Lusaka) as well as a small measuring tape. Join us at the $29 level and receive the clutch collection plus the We Are Sew Powerful Book and Purse Makers Journal.

How Your Gifts Help Us…


Our leadership team at the cooperative currently includes a master seamstress, a master knitter, and a project manager. With your help we’ll continue to grow the team so that together they can serve more children in their community and strengthen their program. Our staffing budget also ensures we can pay our cooperative members a good amount for their piece-work.


Our current facility is a room at the Needs Care School. With your help we pay the rent, make upgrades, and do our best to keep it nice. Some-day we’ll need our own building – and your help will be vital.


Sewing rooms have constant equipment needs, from machines to tools – the cornerstone of a good sewing studio is the quality of the equipment. By giving monthly you help us constantly work to improve the equipment available in the workshop.