Praying Over Fabric

Marilyn Posein

Kitscoty, Alberta, Canada

I first learned about Sew Powerful through a friend on Facebook a few years ago. It sounded interesting yet I didn’t actually get involved until last year. I have always enjoyed sewing and now as I am a widow and great grandmother, I have an abundance of time to sew.  And it’s therapeutic for me too. I liked the pattern provided by Sew Powerful so much that I made one for myself from a black pair of jeans that were my husband’s, just a bit bigger and I added the pocket from those jeans on the back.

Back to making purses for Sew Powerful, I count it a privilege to be able to contribute to such an important ministry and I find so much pleasure in putting different pieces of fabric together that make beautiful purses. As I’m doing this, I pray for the recipient of each purse, that she will not only continue her education, but will come to know Jesus as her Saviour and live a good and productive life.

It’s mid-summer now and I have about 20 purses ready to go, we’ll see what that number is by November.

I enjoy reading the emails from Sew Powerful and seeing the pictures of these beautiful young women, while learning about the other activities this organization does. I refer others to the Sew Powerful website because God is blessing me with this opportunity to share my gift of sewing, it really does give me much pleasure!

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