Small Offerings That Make a Big Difference

Nancy Saye

San Diego, California

My story is not very unique -- but maybe that's good, since you need so many ordinary seamstresses who feel called to Sew Powerful!

I actually joined Cinnamon's sewing blog in order to get some free doll clothes patterns.  I read her email faithfully each week, but making the detailed doll clothes did not really appeal to me.  Then one day recently, Cinnamon wrote, "I'm in Zambia!"  I watched the video and was immediately drawn to this project which makes such a difference in girls' lives.  Listening to the students talking on the video, I thought, "This has to be a Christian school."  Then I found out that Jason Miles had worked for World Vision, where my husband and I have sponsored kids for many years.  

I love to sew, so I felt that God was calling me to do this right away.  I downloaded the "Intermediate" purse pattern, found some coordinating fabric, and started sewing.  My first two purses were sort of mirror-images of each other.  Since then I've made 8 purses, with more cut out.  My original goal was to make 10 - 12 purses by the November deadline, but I can see that I'll be able to make more!  Each purse is cuter than the others, according to my family, and it is fun to decorate each one uniquely. 

I thank God for leading me to Sew Powerful. I'm a retired teacher who takes care of three grandchildren, but I love having something to sew (and I'm not interested in sewing quilts.)  I don't really need to sew clothes for my grandkids, as I did for my own children, since I volunteer at our church's (very nice!) thrift store and get plenty of clothes for them there.  And their dolls don't need more clothes, either -- although that is what introduced me to Sew Powerful in the first place. 

Now when I meet someone, I usually ask, "Do you sew?"  I find that seamstresses are instantly drawn to the cute purses ... and then to the ministry of serving girls with such a necessary item.  Hopefully, the girls in Zambia will treasure a handmade gift made with love and care.  It is shocking how little these girls have.  I trust that God can use our small offerings to make a big difference in their lives.  

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