Companion pictures to 

We Are Sew Powerful 

We hope you enjoy these companion pictures that help tell the story of Sew Powerful. We’ve tried to add a collection of nice pictures from each of our various trips to Lusaka from 2009 through 2016.

Please consider joining us financially as we serve the amazing moms of Ngombe Compound as they work to care for the children of their community…




Pictures from our March 2009 Trip…

Esther explaining their ministry effort to our group during our 2009 visit

Praying for the children and teachers during our first trip to Needs Care in 2009. In the old church building that served as the school.

The classroom setup in the old church – the message on the chalkboard always spoke to me – “people need clothes”

Meeting the amazing children of Ngombe Compound during our first visit in 2009

Meeting the amazing children of Ngombe Compound during our first visit in 2009

The jewelry the moms were making and selling in 2009

Pictures from our May 2014 Trip…

The girls wearing their new dresses

Cinnamon demonstrating a sewing technique

Kimberly and Morgan demonstrating how big the oversized pants are

Seamstresses hard at work on the reusable feminine hygiene product

Pictures from our May 2015 Trip…

Cinnamon teaching the group a new technique

The 2015 trip team visiting the World Vision Warehouse

Ruth the headseamstress teaching new skills

Karen’s sweatshirt seemed to express the mode in the room nicely