2019 Unboxing Party

On November 13th we prepared all the purses for shipment to Zambia, thanked our amazing purse makers, made a big announcement (around 21 minutes into the program) and celebrated together!


What Happens Next - The Journey Begins...



The purses are shipped to Zambia by our ministry partner, World Vision. The journey takes several months, and the usual route is from Washington State to the port of Houston, to a port in Tanzania, then on to Zambia. The goal is to have them arrive before May so that during our annual visit, we can assist with school distributions.

How You Can Help: While we don't need help with the cost of the shipping. We do need your financial support to ensure we have $5 for each purse that we receive. How is the $5 used?

  • The seamstresses are paid for their work.
  • The soap makers are paid for their work.
  • The fabric and sewing program costs are covered.
  • The soap program costs are covered.
  • Other in-country program costs are covered.

If you'd like to help us cover these costs you can support the program with a one-time gift, or become a monthly supporter through our Atelier Angels Program. Learn more here.

If you'd like to help us with the new building project, and see how the progress is going, visit our Building Fund page.

What Is Our Goal For 2020? We have established an aggressive goal for 2020, we'd like to strive for 20,020 purses. How will we do it? We are happy to accept purses all year long. Our next priority mailing date is May 1, 2020. If you'd like to help us in 2020, we have a growing list of regional volunteer opportunities. You can learn more here.

Would You Like To Go To Zambia In May? Each year we travel to Zambia with a small team. The 2020 trip is scheduled for May 15-25. Learn more and apply here.