Sew A Thon

Let's Make A Difference Together

So We Can Keep Girsl In School All Month!

How To Participate In The October Sew-A-Thon

Step #1 Set Your Goal

Decide how many purses you want to make in October!

Step #2 – Set Up Your Facebook Fundraiser

Use the video walk-through below to create a Facebook Fundraiser asking people to sponsor you by donating generously for each purse you make.

Step #3 – Share Your Fundraiser

Announce your fundraiser to your friends and family via Facebook, email and any other type of communication that makes sense. Twitter, Instagram or good old fashioned word-of-mouth.


Video Tutorial Walk-Through


Watch Natalie as she sets up her sew-a-thon Facebook Fundraising Page and follow her example. It’s pretty easy – you can do it! After you set up your fundraiser, share it with us, we’ll be happy to promote it and help spread the word.


Photos You Can Use To Share Your Fundraiser

(simply right click and save the image to your computer, then use it as you set up your fundraiser.)



Example Messages You Can Use To Share Your Message

(simply cut and paste one of these messages and edit to fit your situation)

When you do, also include the hashtags #octpowerfulpurse, #sewpowerful #sewpowerfulpurse

I’m involved in an exciting project that is changing the lives of girls half a world away in Zambia. I wanted to tell you about it, and ask for your support in this amazing effort. Sew Powerful is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to raising children (particularly girls) out of extreme poverty through education ( Believe it or not, girls in the developing world miss up to one week of school per month simply because they lack the supplies to manage their monthly period. This threatens their academic success and can lead to failure in school. Girls who leave school early are much more susceptible to exploitation, early marriage, AIDS and a host of other devastating outcomes. But, there’s hope!

Sew Powerful supports a team of seamstresses in Zambia who sew reusable feminine hygiene supplies for these girls. These supplies (plus soap and two new pair underwear) are placed in something called a Sew Powerful Purse. This is where I come in!

Sew Powerful purses are created and donated to Sew Powerful by volunteer seamstresses (like me) all around the world. Sew Powerful moves these purses to Zambia where all the supplies are inserted and the purses are distributed to thousands of school-age girls. It’s a little miracle that I get to be a part of – and you can join me.

Here is where you come in! October is “Sew-a-Thon” month for Sew Powerful. I’ve committed to sew INSERT NUMBER of purses this month for Sew Powerful. Would you please consider supporting my effort with a tax deductible donation toward my goal? The money raised will be used to purchase soap and underwear and help get these purses into the hands of deserving girls.