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A Facebook Live Global Event – Wednesday, October 11th @ 6PM PST

Why Are We Unboxing Purses On

International Girl’s Day?

Dear Friends,

We’re thrilled to invite you to join us on Wednesday night, October 11th, at 6:00 Pm Pacific, for our 4th annual “Unboxing Party”. This will be a Facebook Livestream Global Event broadcast on our Facebook Page. All you need to do is follow us on Facebook to have access.

What’s An Unboxing Party?

Together we will work as a community and unbox and prep thousands of purses that have been collected from around the world. They are headed to Lusaka Zambia as part of our menstruation hygiene management program.

Seamstresses from around the world … have spent countless hours making these beautiful purses. They lovingly make them and generously send them in.

Seamstresses in Lusaka Zambia … at the Sew Powerful Sewing Cooperative in an urban community called Ngombe have spent countless hours making reusable feminine hygiene supplies (they are paid for their work). They also make school uniforms and in that way – do well by doing good!

The supplies and purses go together (and also include underwear and soap) and are given to girls as a gift as part of health education training. The girls are challenged to stay in school all month.

The purses we unbox on October 11th will go to schools in Ngombe Compound (the worst urban slum in Lusaka) as well as Chongwe (a nearby rural community) in partnership with World Vision. The program is a true win/win, and that is why we like to say together we are “Sew Powerful.”

Unboxing Party Program Details:

5:45 Global Livestream Starts With Pre-Event Greeting
6:00 Program Welcome & Opening Prayer
6:05 Q&A With Phiona Mutesi aka The Queen Of Katwe
6:30 Unboxing Begins
9:00 (or when finished) Prayer Over The Purses

Local Attendee Information: If you’re in the Seattle area and would like to join us “in-person” you’re welcome to come. The event is being held at:

Renton Christian Center
16640 SE Old Petrovitsky Road
Renton WA, 98058

For information about the event please email:

MORE OUR SPECIAL GUEST – PHIONA MUTESI – This year our special guest speaker is Phiona Mutesi, “The Queen Of Katwe.” If you’re not familiar with her story, we’d encourage you to read the book or watch the Disney movie that came out last year.

When Cinnamon and I watched the movie we both wept and wept. We couldn’t stop crying for a few reasons.

First, Katwe looks very similar to Ngombe. Katwe is the urban slum in Kampala Uganda and the primary location in the movie. Ngombe is the location of our Sewing Cooperative in Lusaka Zambia. They are very similar in many respects. We’ve been honored to work in support of the amazing women and children in Ngombe since 2009. It is a brutal place, where children are starving for a meal, trying to survive, and also somehow stay in school and find hope for a brighter future.

We also immediately noticed the heart and courage of the mom in the movie. It reminded us so much of the seamstresses we work with in the sewing cooperative. They are moms (frequently illiterate) that are caught in very challenging circumstances. Many of them are widows struggling to raise their children with no means of support. Our goal is to give a fantastic job – making “purposeful products” that benefit the children of their community (and beyond). They thrive – and it improves their household dramatically.

Finally, seeing the young Phiona struggle to survive in a very challenging urban slum, cope with the difficulties of being a girl in a very hard place, but ultimately working to discover her opportunity, reminded us of the girls in our program. Girls that are doing their best to stay in school, help support their family, and dream of a better life. Phiona dropped out of school in 7th grade – and if it hadn’t been for chess – she would have been finished with her education. Her life would be so much different.

So, we were thrilled last month when we learned that Phiona was headed to Seattle to begin attending Northwest University, (Jason’s alma mater). We thought, what are the chances of her ever attending one of our events? But we figured we’d ask! And to our terrific surprise – she said yes. Phiona will share her story of faith, trust in God, and journey to stay in school.

So please save-the-date, put it on your calendar and be sure to follow us on Facebook so you’ll see the Live-Stream as it begins.

Honored to partner together,

Jason & Cinnamon Miles

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