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Whitness M.

Whitness is 36 years old with 2 children. She has been divorced for 15 years. Why does she want to be a seamstress? “I want to help myself and to help support my children.”

Veronica D.

Veronica is 20 years old and single. “Why does she want to be a seamstress? “I am staying with my aunt. My parents are in a rural village and if I become a tailor than I can help support them. I was selling at the market, but I stopped because I wasn’t selling anything.”


Tetiwe B.

Tetiwe is 27 years old, married, with 3 children. Her husband is working and makes $80-90 a month, which is not enough for house rental. Why does she want to be a seamstress? “If I can sew I can feel like I’m contributing something to the needs of our family.”