Academic Success Team

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Students need help beyond just uniforms and hygiene supplies. We can help the make the Needs Care school a wonderful place to learn - and assist kids with academic scholarships too.

Help The Teachers & Children For Just $28 A Month



Meet Just A Few Of The Teachers And Students


Teacher Bright: Welcome To The Fifth Grade Class At Needs Care. We hope you like the song they prepared for you!

Teacher Etai: Welcome To The Sixth Grade Class At Needs Care. We hope you like the song they prepared for you!


Teacher Lisa: Welcome To The Kindergarten Class At Needs Care. We hope you like the song they prepared for you!


What Your Support Helps Provide

Teacher Salaries: Because of a lack of funds, the teachers at Needs Care have traditionally received just half of the monthly salary as an Average school teacher in Lusaka. With your help, we’ll get them where they need to be.

School Lunch Program: Combined with the efforts at the 3 Esthers Farm, we are striving to feed all the children at the school 5 days a week. Without your help, it won’t be possible.

Supplies & Resources: With your help we’ll ensure the teachers have the supplies they need to teach the kids.

Maintenance Budget: Managing a school with almost 1,500 children is a huge challenge. With your help, we’ll have the maintenance and repair budget we need to keep the school working well.

After School Programs: With your help we’ll provide after school clubs and programs to ensure the kids have something safe and positive to do. Things like scouting clubs and girls groups.

Support Staff: The cooking staff, night guards, and janitorial team all work hard to support the school. With your help we’ll ensure they have good jobs and fair wages.

Select Scholarships: The dream of the Needs Care staff is to expand from 1-7 grades to offering a full secondary school with grades 8-12. Until then, we can assist deserving students with scholarships to ensure they attend secondary school. These are awarded based on academic merit and administered in collaboration with the secondary schools they attend.


Learn More About How This Effort Started!

Last year we began to envision helping the school teachers and students. Although we first envisioned the support as scholarships for individual children, after a year of trying to work it out, we realized it was just too complicated. So rather than try to match an individual donor to an individual child, we are simply calling on good hearted donors to join us with a monthly recurring donation that will fund the school budget. We will start at Needs Care School, and as we grow, we’ll add more schools.