Our 2019 Goal Is 12,500 Purses!

Watch Our 2018 Unboxing Party To Learn How It Works! 


Our Mission


We exist to combat extreme poverty in a very challenging place called Ngombe Compound in Lusaka Zambia. We do that by equipping community members with jobs as well as training, tools, and technical skills to make what we call “Purposeful Products”. Products that can bless local children and empower their academic success. Our current Purposeful Products include school uniformsreusable feminine hygiene pads, food, and soap. Our overhead rate in 2017 was 1.35% and in 2016, it was less than 4%. When you give financially – you are helping create jobs and empower academic achievement – two powerful ingredients for combating extreme poverty. Learn more about our mission



Join Our Monthly Giving Program

Join us as a monthly sponsor through our Atelier Angels program! For just $29 a month you can help us employ the moms of Ngombe as they create purposeful products that bless children’s lives!

Help Provide Food

The children of Ngombe Compound are desperate for food and with your help, we can make a difference! Our 3 Esthers Farm is dedicated to producing as much food as possible for the children. Give Today!

Read The Full Story

We started helping in Ngombe Compound (the worst urban slum in Lusaka) in 2009 when a group of moms asked us to support their school fundraiser. Read the full story here.

Host An Event

We’d love to have you pull together your friends and conduct a Sew Powerful event. Here are all the resources you may need. Be sure to let us know about it and share pictures too!

Make Mornings Matter

By purchasing 3 Esthers Farm brand coffee you can Make Mornings Matter! Proceeds from the coffee go to support the farm. The coffee is shipped via Amazon for your convenience. Buy Some Today!

Sew Powerful Parables

The Sew Powerful Parables are ministry tools for leaders. Based on foundational scriptures and stories, and published in both audio and written forms, they will bless your group today. Listen and download them.