• How The Purse Program Started

    How The Purse Program Started

    For those of you who haven't read We Are Sew Powerful yet, I thought I'd include the chapter describing how the purse program came together. I hope you enjoy learning more about it...  We launched our Sew Powerful Purse pattern on July 17th,...

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  • About Our BabyLock Machines

    About Our BabyLock Machines

    Our sewing center in Lusaka runs on Baby Lock machines. It's an honor to have their corporate support! How that happened can only be described as a wonderful journey of surprises and blessings.Let me start at the beginning...Our Original Machines: Cinnamon and...

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  • Soap Miracle Update 2

    Soap Miracle Update 2

    In Case You Missed The Soap Miracle Article or Soap Miracle Update One – be sure to check them out! Hi friends, We’re thrilled to share another fun update from the new soap team in Lusaka. If you missed our prior articles on this...

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  • So Powerful Soap Miracle (Part Two)

    So Powerful Soap Miracle (Part Two)

    Hi friends, It’s International Handwashing Day … a perfect time to give you a proper update on our soap initiative. If you read our first post about this from July, we shared about the basic opportunity. Yes, we truly believe it’s a...

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  • Our So Powerful Soap Miracle

    Our So Powerful Soap Miracle

    Earlier this month we conducted a set of home visits in Lusaka checking up on purse recipients. We learned a lot. In several respects, the visits were very depressing. But God is up to something very interesting – and we...

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  • Thank You Notes From Purse Recipients

    Thank You Notes From Purse Recipients

    Hi everyone, Recently we received beautiful thank-you notes from some of the girls that received purses – and we wanted to share them with all of you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do – they are...

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  • Are You Sending Us Purses

    Are You Sending Us Purses

    Hi everyone, With just four weeks left before our October 1, 2016 priority deadline, we’d love to know if you’re working to complete some purses and send them to us. We’ve made a simple poll that let’s you response –...

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