3 Esthers Farm

  • Farm House Construction

    Farm House Construction

    Hi friends, We are just a few hundred dollars short of our fundraising goal for this campaign, but with the funding we’ve already received we’ve completed the borehole (water well) and the caretaker house is being built. We just received...

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  • Spring 2016 Soy Update

    Spring 2016 Soy Update

    We are incredibly excited to let you know that the 1st Soybean crop is coming in strongly and progress on the farm is continuing really nicely! Thank you again for helping us launch the farm project. We’ve reached our financial goal...

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  • First Crop Planted

    First Crop Planted

    Hi everyone – Happy Holidays! From all of us at the 3 Esthers Farm project we hope you had a beautiful Christmas and you’re preparing for a great new year. Work on the farm continues in exciting ways! We just...

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  • Preparing The Fields

    Preparing The Fields

    Hi everyone! We just received these exciting progress pictures from the 3 Esthers Farm Soy Field where the work continues because of your generosity! Rejoice with us today – and help us spread the word about this important project! And...

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  • Clearing The Land

    Clearing The Land

    Hi everyone, We are really excited to let you know the farm project has reached another milestone. The soybean field is being cleared and prepared for planting! This planting project is exciting for several reasons. First, the planting is timed...

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  • Borehole Drilling

    Borehole Drilling

    Thanks to the generosity of our farm donors we’ve be able to install a borehole (well) on the farm! We are so grateful for the wonderful community of support that is gathering around this amazing project. Having the well drilled...

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