The 2015 Unboxing Party Photos

The 2015 Unboxing Party Photos

On November 11th, 2015 we gathered to unbox, count, and prep all the 2015 Sew Powerful purses. In total we received 1,619 purses from all over the world. We are incredibly grateful for all the enthusiasm and hard work that people from around the world are putting into this program. Here are a few of the picture highlights from the evening.

Cally Leighton – Purse Queen

The Miles Girls Working Hard

General Chaos, but we got it all figured out!

Jason explaining the program

The Renton Post Office was even represented!

Winner of the farthest package (India)!!

All boxed up and ready to go to Zambia!

Winner of the most stamps used!

It’s nice to be able to use our new office space for this type of project!

A view from the street!

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