God Just Keeps Blessing Us

God Just Keeps Blessing Us

By Marilyn McMullen

The group of ladies that I belong to and lead is called Lydia’s Helping Hands. Our scripture reference is Proverbs 31:13. We are self-supporting and we receive a lot of donations for our sewing needs.

We meet once a week on Thursdays, but some of us do a lot more sewing at home, as we seem to get more done at home. We make things for the nursing homes, shut-ins, hospice and VA Hospitals.

Some of the things we make are adult bibs, walker bags, lap throws, catheter bags, and cancer hats. We get phone calls from time to time asking for special requests of things a patient might need.

Our church is very supportive of what we are doing. We have craft shows occasionally to earn money to buy supplies that we might need. We also give to missions.

Our group of ladies is very small and most of us are retired. We enjoy getting together for the fellowship and for sharing ideas. We have a day where we can get together and laugh, cry, and share with each other. God just keeps blessing us over and over with so many supplies.

One of the ladies heard about the Sew Powerful Purse program and shared it with us, so we decided to make some for the girls in Africa. We are a little slow at getting things done, but we really enjoy what we do. Some of us have health problems, and our fingers don’t work as quickly as they used to; but we do the best we can.

When we make the cross body bags, it puts a smile in our hearts to think of some young lady or girl that will be getting it. To think of her smile is all the reward we need. We give God all the glory for what we do, and we thank you for the opportunity to do this. God Bless


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