3 Esthers Farm

  • 3 Esthers Farms Update

    3 Esthers Farms Update

    This spring at the 3 Esthers Farm we are talking about three of my favorite words….PRAISES, POWER, and PRAYERS!!! Praise #1 - The farm now has electrical power! After a long wait of over 2 years to get everything connected,...

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  • Bananas, Chickens and Purses

    Bananas, Chickens and Purses

    This spring brings some really big news….we have Maize, Chickens, and Bananas!!! Here is an update from Board Member David Derr. For those of you who are new to the project - the farm is just 20 minutes away from Ngombe Compound...

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  • Developing the Farm in 2019

    Developing the Farm in 2019

    Back in the early 1980’s, I spent most of one summer on my grandparents’ farm in northern Minnesota. For a city boy from Maryland, driving my grandpa’s big tractor and helping him till and plant the soil was an unforgettable...

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  • Summer time 2016 Visit

    Summer time 2016 Visit

    Hi everyone, We were so incredibly fortunate to get to spend a day on the farm this summer. We saw the amazing progress, met Nicholas and Lilian, and even helped plant fruit trees. Here is a brief overview of our...

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  • New Garden Time

    New Garden Time

    Hi everyone, We are excited to share another exciting update. The new vegetable garden section of the farm is ready for planting. Here are some fun photos.

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  • 1st Crop Ready For Harvest

    1st Crop Ready For Harvest

    Hi everyone, Just a quick update from Esther, “The Soya Beans are almost ready – faster than we expected. The seed covers are looking dry meaning that we need to start preparing for our first harvest in the days to come. Everybody...

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  • Farm Manager Hired

    Farm Manager Hired

    Hi Three Esthers Farm Friends, Big News – we are wrapping up construction of the Caretakers House. Here are pictures of the new house in the final stage of construction: Caretaker Update: A great Caretaker is now on the property too. Nicolas Banda...

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  • Beautiful New Gate

    Beautiful New Gate

    Hi friends, Just a quick update – Great news – The entire farm has been fenced and the beautiful front gate has been installed. The farm is really coming together with your help! 

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