iSEWlation Challenge Week Two Contest

Hi everyone, 

Welcome to week two of our iSEWlation 30 Day Challenge! This week (from March 27th to April 3rd) we're giving away our Ultimate Beginner's Bundle! Keep reading to learn how you can enter to win. If you're not a beginner, then tell a friend who is ... or consider entering so that you can re-gift these items to a beginner that you want to help!

Our goal with this 30 Day Challenge is to come together to make a difference during this challenging time! In case you missed it, watch the announcement video that explains the important reason this challenge is truly needed. To understand how Sew Powerful is responding to Covid-19, be sure to read this post. Your support is vital.

Four Major Contests Plus More: Over the course of the 30 day challenge, we'll be running 4 major contests. Each contest will last for a full week. The schedule is as follows:

Week One Contest: 3/20-3/27 (ends at midnight Pacific time on the 27th).

Week Two Contest: 3/27-4/3 (begins right now). This post is the contest post!

Week Three Contest: 4/3-4/10

Week Four Contest: 4/10-4/18.

Don't Forget To Download & Share The Complete Beginner Sewing Course: For those of you who are new to sewing - don't worry! We've got a complete introductory sewing course for you - for free! Be sure to get it here.

Enter This Week's Contest: This week we've got a terrific set of beginner tools. Huge "Thank You" to our sponsors for this week, including:

Entry Tool: We use a tool called Rafflecopter, that allows you to enter multiple ways - to win the prize. Look for the Rafflecopter Log-In tool just under this paragraph and follow the prompts to enter. It has all our official eligibility terms and conditions (sorry, for legal reasons, we can only run this contest in the U.S., we wish we could do it more broadly).

a Rafflecopter giveaway


One Way To Enter: Enter a blog comment below as an entry method. In your comment answer the question, "Who Taught You To Sew?" 

More About This Week's Prize: This week we are giving away the Ultimate Beginner's Bundle as our prize. One lucky winner will receive:

  • A Baby Lock Zest Sewing Machine. If you’re ready to find a new sense of excitement through sewing, you’ll find a great place to start with Zest! Whether you’re looking to put together simple craft projects or need a basic travel machine, the Baby Lock Zest sewing machine is exactly what you need. The Baby Lock Zest sewing machine's key features include:
    • 15 built-in stitches including 1 four-step buttonhole
    • Front-loading bobbin
    • Free-arm sewing
    • Adjustable stitch length
    • Portable design
  • Genuine Collection Beginner Sewing Kit from Quality Sewing. Get all the beginning sewing essentials you need with the Genuine Collection Sewing Kit. The Sewing Kit includes:
    • Rose Gold Scissor Set
    • Rose Gold Tape Measure
    • Two Marking Pencils
    • Rose Gold Pins
    • Klasse Needle Value Assortment Eight Packs of 5 Needles
    • Dual Seam Fix
    • Aerofil 400mSpool White Thread
    • Aerofil 400m Spool Black Thread
    • Aerofil 400m Spool Gray Thread.
  • An Oliso Mini Project Iron. The Oliso Mini Project Iron™ brings you the power of a full size iron in a compact design for home and away. The Oliso Mini Project Iron™ comes with its solemate™, a silicone trivet that hugs the mini iron for travel and storage and functions as a safe place for the soleplate to rest while ironing.
  • The Sewing For Beginner's Book by Cinnamon Miles. You may have seen this in Costco, Wal-Mart, JoAnn Fabrics, and Barnes & Noble. Here is the full description A key life skill as well as a fun hobby, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pick up a needle and learn how to sew. Perhaps you want to fix the odd tear in your jeans or make alterations to your garments – maybe you’re even a budding fashion designer with a creative itch to scratch. Either way, this book will teach you all the essentials necessary to start stitching. We run through the basic sewing techniques and lingo, before introducing you to your new best friend: the sewing machine. Explore this powerful gadget and master its seemingly endless functions – you’ll be loading a bobbin or attaching a zipper foot before you know it! Learn the different types of stitches and their uses, and discover various types of pleats, tucks and darts to use in your creations. Finally, enjoy a chapter of fun beginner-level projects that will help you practise your brand new skills. Have fun creating!

Please do us a huge favor and share this contest and the overall iSEWlation 30 Day Challenge with your friends and groups!

Grateful for your support,

Jason & Cinnamon & The Entire Sew Powerful Team! 

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Monique - April 9, 2020

Ilearned to sew i high school home ec.

KAthy - April 7, 2020

I learned to sew in 4H

KAthy - April 7, 2020

I learned to sew in 4H

Kennedi Harris - April 5, 2020

i learn to machine sew in 9th grade from Ms.Sattar.

Kennedi Harris - April 5, 2020

i started sewing in 3rd grade watching youtube.

Teresa - April 5, 2020

My grandmothers taught me how to hand sew when I was about 7 years old.
I watched them using their sewing machine and would later sneak and use my mother’s machine to make doll clothes. I am still making doll clothes and now starting to teach my granddaughter to sew.

Nancy Brooks - April 4, 2020

Even though I am a baby boomer, I didn’t have the luxury of a stay at home Mom. While Mother was working, my siblings and I stayed with the lady down the road (not next door, we lived in the country!). She had a very structured routine: wash on Monday, iron on Tuesday, sew/mend on Wednesday, market on Thursday, clean house on Friday, bake on Saturday, rest on Sunday. We either helped or had other chores like snapping beans or picking strawberries. She taught me my first hand sewing and gave me scraps to make tiny pillows. I was six or seven. Christmas of my third grade I received the most wonderful gift ever – a Madam Alexander doll (Mamie Eisenhower) with a doll trunk and two outfits! No tacky Barbie plastic accessories, but real shoes, a polka dot trimmed hat to match her garden party dress, and bridal gown complete with slip, veil and teddy style underwear. I immediately asked Mother to help me make more clothes for her. The first piece was a pair of purple, Asian style pajamas, with white trim. She had an old treadle Singer sewing machine that had been converted to electric, but never would let me use it for fear I might get hurt or break it , or, of course, make huge messes. Fast forward to age 14 and high school home economics class – I was in heaven! A real sewing machine! I made an apron, a pair of shortie pajamas with French seams, an a- line skirt, sleeveless shift dress, and a placket front blouse with Peter Pan collar and set in sleeves. Boy did I show her that I was capable of using a sewing machine! Soon thereafter, we became the proud owners of a brand new Singer Slantomatic zigzag sewing machine, with drop in thread- in place bobbin! After that, I made all the clothes for my older sister and me. Entered and won the local Singer sewing contest and always put in the zipper whenever Mama would use the machine. (She never could quite master that!)
Now, I’m making doll clothes for my precious granddaughters on that same sewing machine!! Still have the Madam Alexander doll… they can’t understand why I won’t let them play with her.
Sewing has been one of the most fun, creative and stress relieving things I have ever done. It was sad for me that my girls never wanted to learn, but now there is an eight year old girl who lives down the street who wants to learn to sew. When she saw the doll clothes I had made for my grand nieces, her eyes lit up like stars! It’s going to be fun starting a brand new sewing journey.

Sharon KIlburn - April 4, 2020

My mom was my main teacher. I was also in 4-H and entered clothing every year plus 4 years of high school Home Economics. Then received a BS degree in Home Economics followed by a MS in Clothing and Textiles. I have sewn since I was a little girl sitting at my mom’s sewing machine. Still ready to learn new ways of doing things and hope to pass my love of sewing to my granddaughters.

Cassandra D - April 3, 2020

I learned by taking a class.

Kristy Wolfgang - April 3, 2020

My Grandma taught me how to sew.

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